Vanex Advertising

Panaflex Signage Supplier for Leyte & Samar

Picture of store with panaflex signage ads for Pinas Paints and Bestway in Calbayog City

Panaflex signage remains to be the most cost effective outdoor advertising tool you should consider as a marketer or business owner.  It makes your product or brand stand out in front of your customers. Which in turn grow your sales and profits. And not to mention it is cheaper than the digital  advertising counter part.

In this picture shows how our client effectively use signages on their store by putting ads  in the front side of the building. Every customer and bypassers will see its ads through these lighted panaflex signages. Advertising its products and at the same time making the store nice and simple.

We make signages according to your needs.

Different Types of Signs

Undoubtedly signages comes in many kinds and design.  And I don’t want to bother you with the different types.  It is safe to say that it is firstly according to your budget. Secondly, it is also according to the technical specifications set by your company. And thirdly, according to the impact you wish to get from your signs.